John travolta dating

’” Gotterba said he'd expected the invitation, and the massage quickly led to sex. The next day he told me with a big smile on his face, ‘I really enjoyed last night,’” Gotterba told the Enquirer.

He said Travolta, 58, took him on more romantic trips to Hawaii, Amsterdam and Kenya.

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Now that you’re married, do you still prefer men – or women? “Well, Doug, I still prefer men,” Travolta replied, according to Gotterba.

OJ Simpson: American Crime Story,” revealed he may contribute to Ryan Murphy’s next series focusing on Hurricane Katrina.

Travolta used his own plane to help bring supplies to the area after the hurricane hit.

“Sometimes he’d bring women along as beards, but he would ask me to join him in his suite and we’d spend the nights together. The pilot said he encouraged Travolta to get a girlfriend as cover, and that’s when the actor started dating Brooke Shields. They’d smile for the cameras and everyone assumed they were a couple,” he said.

The affair ended in 1986 after growing tensions, Gotterba said.


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