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And as usual, we have not forgotten about the free solutions either, there will be several Excel templates downloadable for free.The speedometer chart template offers a spectacular visualization to present sales performance of representatives.In this gauge chart tutorial, you will get to know everything about the speedometers. Maybe some of our notes will be a little bit dividing and provocative. With 15 years of Excel experience behind us, we will not be making a slip in speaking. First of all we’d like to give you a comprehensive picture about the speedometer kind of dashboards!In Excel there are more tricky ways to create the gauge chart, we will show you the designs that are built on the pie chart and doughnut chart.The created gauge could be a useful instrument for other (not only for marketing/sales) fields also for visualization between the goal and actual values.To create a dynamic named range, you can simply go to the menu bar and click ‘Insert’ - ’Define’.In the box that appears, you can simply type a name for the range and the formula that defines that range.

You can read more about dynamic range in excel in this article.

A dynamic named range is a special class of named range that can expand or contract based on a value specific in a criteria.

Often a user or a formula will determine that value and the dynamic named range adjusts itself accordingly. If used along with its height and width parameters, it allows you to offset a particular cell by a certain number of rows and columns and returns the range enclosed between those cells.

Choose the Donut Chart Series and Repeat the Step 7!

If you want want to change the Donut Chart Hole Size change the default value to 70%9. Use the Ctrl and the left / right arrows to select / change a single data point.


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