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The Mariners’ Museum Library is closed temporarily.

The bulk of the collection is in deep storage; however, select archival collections, images, and plans are available online for research and purchase.

Search for material on Bay boats, as well as selected items on Maryland portions of the Bay, estuaries, marine resources, and the natural environment and stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay.

Relive the Battle of Hampton Roads through eye-witness accounts and contemporary interpretations.

Examine photographs of lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, lifeboats and the US Lifesaving Service.

Examine maps, charts, and atlases dating from the 16th century to the present.

Huntington, is to provide a research center for students, writers, scientists, and others pursuing various lines of maritime investigation.

In addition, it is to create a repository for reference materials to be used by the staff in connection with the identification, appraisal, maintenance and display of the Museum’s collections, exhibits and programs.

Become engaged in the development, growth, technological advances, and use of naval power.

This material is international in scope, with an emphasis on North American and European navies and ranges from ancient eras to recent conflicts.


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