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When the league formed in 1888, one of the founding members was Accrington FC.

They withdrew from the league and another team in the town Stanley FC.

The multi-award-winning Lancashire Science Festival is entering its seventh year in 2018.

This successful three-day event consistently attracts thousands of visitors from across the North West, with a total reach last year of around 17,000 people.

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This version of Accrington Stanley played in the Football League from 1921 to 1962, with the club folding due to financial problems in 1966.In fact Accrington Stanley is a name that goes back a long way in connection with Association Football.The current Accrington Stanley team is, however, not connected with previous Football League clubs with the same or similar names.You can receive updates on next year’s festival by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Twitter at @Lanc Sci Fest.This page is for anything related, in any way, either directly or indirectly, to football teams in the UK and football teams in Spain.We would be delighted if your organisation would consider being one of them.


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