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I knew where I was headed, even though I’d never seen it from above before.

Bobby Cutts Murder trial Day 3 – 2/6/08 Scott Garcia, Glen Oak HS football coach, is the first on the witness stand. Cutts got approved for a ,000 loan because his wife was making the payments on the car.

The verdict was reached just 4 days after he led us down a tearful garden path on the witness stand. Cutts tried to persuade the world that he was so spooked after “accidentally” killing his girlfriend Jessie Davis, 9 months pregnant at the time and the mother of his 2 year old son, that he wrapped up her body, and dumped her in a national park, all the while abandoning his toddler son at the murder scene.

Criminal defendants who lie through their tears in an effort to engender our sympathy deserve an extra consecutive sentence tagged onto their punishment. an Ohio police officer who was found guilty on Friday of aggravated murder, a death penalty eligible crime.

He says Cutts called him the morning on June 14th and said that he'd be late to practice. Garcia said that Cutts never showed up that day, or any other day. k was used to pay-off the original personal loan. Re-cross~ The income wasn’t reported as fraudulent?

Next witness is Joe Antonelli, he works at Key Bank and Household Finance as Senior Account Executive. The bank notified Cutts on June 14th that he was approved and he made an appt to sign the papers at noon. Cutts received a few phone calls while he was at the bank.

It brings to mind Susan Smith, another peach of a criminal defendant who back in 1994 tried to convince everyone that she’d been the victim of a car-jacking in which a black man had abducted her two precious baby boys. For nine days we listened to her repeated pleas for the safe return of those boys.

February through April Kelly paid 0 a month towards the mortgage. June 13, she spoke to Cutts on the phone from Champs. Has Cutts ever complained about being financially responsible for his children? Kelly was concerned about communications between Bobby and Jessie at that time. About Blake - did you openly embrace that relationship?

These liars cry like babies, and beg for our love and our sympathy. But when their duplicitous deceit is exposed, we at least get retribution…

sentences that equate to a life-long “time-out” or a deadly “lights-out.” In the Stallone movie, Rambo, from the moment you see the Burmese General overseeing the killing of villagers in the Golden Triangle formed by the boarders of Laos, Burma and Thailand, you’re saying to yourself; “This guy needs to die!

Some reports do, some don’t; child support not reflected on Cutts’ credit report.

She met Cutts at the apartment complex she lived at.


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