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It's the belief that you get what you pay for: on Match.com, people are more serious and willing to make an effort." See More: 4 Fun Date Night Ideas For You and Your Guy OK Cupid"My husband Jordan and I met on OK Cupid.The site has hundreds of surveys for you to answer and gives you the ability to read other people's answers.It suggests that the image of the Divine, discovered or made, and its worship, were quite in vogue much before Buddha's days.The statues of dancing girls, figurines of mother-goddess, seals depicting human and animal likenesses and a wide range of terracottas discovered from excavations at Indus and Harappan sites (3000 - 1500 BC), suggest that image related activity had quite widened subsequently to create both the votive and the secular images.Dating sites can seem almost as daunting as the Internet itself: With so many options, how exactly do you know where to click?But thanks to our readers, you now have the inside scoop.

Buddhism was a wide spread phenomenon even in the Buddha's lifetime and every place and person, devoted to this new path, cherished the desire to feel the presence of the Master.

May be, the managers of the new faith thought of making his absence good by his images.

There reflects in the subsequent iconic cult of the Thousand Buddha a prior tradition of thought, which sought symbolic multiplication of his presence, a Buddha for each of his devotees and for each corner of the earth where the Dharma was pursued.

We are both accomplished artists, so the photos of our work were very important." *— Kathlene *"After we met on Match.com, I met my now-husband for coffee at Starbucks.

We talked for hours and have never been apart since then.


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