Parents intimidating teachers

These tend to be children who do not live with their parents.

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According to the procedures at second level, even if a complaint against a teacher is upheld, the file “may be removed from the school records following agreement between all the parties involved.” Figures from the Ombudsman for Children’s office show that parents lodge 75 per cent of complaints against schools, with three to four per cent coming from children.This is a mechanism for parents to follow within a school and yet neither parents, nor the national body that represents parents, were ever consulted.” The set-up can be very intimidating for parents, says Lynch.“The initial stages of a complaint have an informal sense, but as soon as a parent or guardian is not happy at that level, they must put their complaint in writing to the chair of the board of management.In 2012, the NPC answered 88 calls from parents about the school complaints procedure; 42 calls were from parents concerned that a teacher was bullying the child, while 25 related to allegations of bullying by school principals.Schools are increasingly subject to complaints about a lack of places, special needs resources, access to learning support, and resources such as books or technology, as well as overcrowded classes.The Ombudsman for Children’s 2012 report highlights a number of problems parents encountered with schools.


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