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I simply do not see how talking or reading about sex can be so fascinating. As a matter of fact, it turns them off completely, even if we had the wildest night possible together.Speaking of online dating, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett was watching a BCS game, when low and behold there was Katherine Webb, a former Miss USA contestant who is dating Alabama's QB. He goes on twitter, and tweets her his phone number and the funny part was, he thought the tweet was a direct message..He then claims he can get her if he wanted..I don't think he knows how to connect with women, he was just thought being an NFL player wouldn't need a connection with this woman..Pam, The appeal of Vampire is this... They are also dark and dangerous, the very thing romantic novels write about. Here you have a young gal fall madly in lust with Christian Grey who tells her he's not the man for her but can't leave her alone.Right now I'm reading the second book in Ken Follett's new series, Winter of the World.

His dark side for sex is not one would call ideal for long-term relationships especially for those like the character of this young woman who is into romantic sex but just hasn't figure that out yet because she is so into this guy. I feel so tired, have not moved from my bed all day long.. Actually I wish I was sick today, because I have to drive to work in a snowstorm.

The author (as well as the author of the Twilight series) write like they never made it past the 5th grade. I haven't finished the book yet, but quite far into it. "Holy Crap" Grey seems like he's in his 40's rather than his late 20's. wow, I thought I heard about in the news in Pittsburgh area I think..

Nathalie, Tell me what you think when you read it, I suspect your a hopeless romantic, which tells me you will like the first 100 pages or so, through the basic training, then it starts getting pretty dark after that but maybe you like the dark stuff too, who knows? Mike, I just started reading on my trip to work today lol so far it pretty good, but it is really the only beginning loll We'll see as it goes on to be more dark.. Oh my and Holy Hell lol (she has different variations on the use of "Holy" I see lolol I can't believe in all my time in bed I have just finished chapter 10..

They have class, culture, interests, present themselves more professionally in their photos and their English is often better than many American profiles!

Maybe it's time for me to take another trip to Europe. I can see why: vampires are calm, controlled, strong, and protective.


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