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Why has dating turned into a business transaction, an investment that matures three dates down the line?Isnt the payoff supposed to be the possibility of finding a level of compatibility that may allow a relationship to develop, rather than just sex? mostly if im interested in a girl i just ask her if she wants to hang out some time...

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And just in case you're intrigued by what he has to say, here's an extract from Tom Leykis 101 guide for men ... I had a funny experience recently where a guy asked me out for a dinner, and it was a torturous experience with hardly any conversation and obvious lack of compatibility, couldn't want for it to end and assume he felt the same way. The OTHER female thought the guy should put in all this effort, go out for interesting dates - like museum, romantic w/ends away, art gallery, flowers, play, theatre (in her words - cultural things).

Sure there are some guys out there that will do that, and there are some women that are out there that will take advantage of the free dates, but I would never do that. Who/where are these men, as Ive never had the misfortune of dating them?

Presumably theyre not after a mature relationship if they approach dating with a silent Do this (sleep with me) or Ill do that (dump you) attitude (the irony of it being an implicit ultimatum).

You are who you are, why should you change for your partner ? Looking at that 101 list, which is not unlike other "great advice" I've seen for men from self-proclaimed experts, it is no wonder I meet so many @ssholes.

They either like/love you for who you are or they dont. eg, if you're partner demands/requests you stop doing something as it is detrimental to yourself/themselves/other people. All women should TOTALLY feel pressured into having sex with a guy if he buys her dinner because *sniff* if I don't he *sniff* might break... I agree with Waz - no one should change for anyone, and there are times when an ultimatum is appropriate. the bozo I recently dumped was given an ultimatum to stop being disrespectful towards me or he'd be dumped.


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