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Since the nation’s founding, sex scandals have served as morality tales to shame and/or punish the perpetrator.

They are rituals setting the boundaries of acceptable sexual practice.

Even scandalous stories about Bush-the-elder are finally coming out after decades of suppression.

In being outed, many of the male predators have lost their jobs or contracts, some of their marriages ended, high-priced defense lawyers have been retained and a few say they are seeking professional counseling.

During the colonial period, especially among Puritans, the “outing” of someone who committed an unacceptable sexual act often led to a religious-civil hearing and severe punishment.

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Who could have expected that a campaign against misogyny (i.e., male sexual abuse) would emerge during Trump’s first year in office? It is most vividly revealed in the current round of sex scandals drawing much media attention.

recently published a list of 25 men “accused of sexual misconduct” since the Harvey Weinstein revelations first came out in early October.

The list is a who’s-who of “players” in the entertainment, political, media and corporate worlds.

Many of those identified as being or having been a sexual aggressor are being subject to public shaming.

For a while, their lives might be miserable, under a public magnifying glass as to how he could have done what he is “accused” of doing and, therefore, who really is this man?


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