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Only one quarter of all women orgasm through penetration despite both men and women believing the opposite: that most women do.

Dr Laurie Mintz, a US psychology professor and human sexuality expert (and author of Becoming Cliterate), thinks we've separated our most reliable route to female orgasm – clitoral stimulation – from how we feel we should orgasm – penetration.

If you're lost for inspiration search 'new things to try in bed' - you could spend days reading all the suggestions.

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It's hard to maintain both and because we spend more time hanging out together than we do having sex, most couples opt for being in love over being in lust.

Theories on why it feels good if it's stimulated enthusiastically (the area requires quite firm pressure) vary.

One is that stimulation of this area in turn stimulates the erectile tissue in the urethra (which can be pleasurable); other theories are that it indirectly simulates the crura (legs of the clitoris: picture the wishbone of a turkey).

The result is men have at least three times as many orgasms with a partner than women do.

The clitoris is outside the vagina and all orgasms require some type of clitoral stimulation (remembering the bit you see is just the head).


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