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Naturally, some web marketers (probably the ones that think exit pop-ups are useful) think that by signing guestbooks and adding links by the hundreds they will improve their link popularity scores at search engines.

Use the Console to make quick changes to the deployment.

Link popularity is crucial for your pages to rank well in search engines, but the value of guestbook links is questionable, at best, and potentially lethal, at worst.

You have probably been to a site that had a section called a “Guestbook.” Many sites ask you to “sign their guestbook,” and many of these guestbooks also permit HTML code in the guestbook comments, meaning you or I or anyone can visit guestbooks on web sites all day long and systematically create links back to our sites from hundreds of other site’s guestbooks.

To create a service using Tectonic Console: The deployment specifies a readiness probe and a liveness probe to determine when it is safe to send traffic to each instance of the application.

If the readiness probe fails, the rolling update will be halted automatically. If the liveness probe fails at any time over the life of the pod, traffic will be shifted away from the pod.


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